THE BALL – Italian League also condemns Mbappé’s contract (Italy)

After the Spanish League severely criticized the very high values ​​of Kylian Mbappé’s renewal by Paris Saint-Germain, now it was Serie A’s turn, through CEO Luigi De Siervo, to condemn that the French club can pay this type of salary, because it puts concerned financial fair play.

“What happened in Paris with Mbappé’s new contract is not good, it is absolute evil. We must be aware of this. If in football we have clubs that continue to pay bombastic values, this reality will not be possible to maintain and will be guided by the logic of those who have more money, especially clubs that are owned by a state and not by individual entrepreneurs”, said the leader of the Serie A.

Paris Saint-Germain this season invested 650 million euros in salaries and had a loss of 300 million euros. These figures will increase next season with the French forward’s new salary.

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