THE BALL – «I wonder what the VAR is for» (Luxembourg)

Luc Holtz, coach of Luxembourg, was resigned to the marked quality of the Portuguese team, but did not fail to criticize the penalty that resulted in the first goal of the match, after eight minutes.

“We complained, because we saw that the player was outside the area. I wonder what the VAR is for. If we close our eyes and give the penalty, just because, that won’t take anything away from Portugal’s performance. But I wonder, who controls all this? Maybe buy them some glasses, I don’t know. I was told it was within the area. It is a human decision, I maintain what I said at the beginning about the VAR, they are human decisions and today it was just one more», he said.

Luc Holtz, moreover, was naturally disappointed by the five unanswered goals conceded. “After 10 minutes, it was 2-0. It’s very difficult, because there were 80 minutes to go and Portugal played well. It’s a very strong, world-class team», he praised.



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