THE BALL – «I also wanted to coach Liverpool, but I can’t» (Corinthians)

After the tie with São Paulo (1-1), Vítor Pereira was faced with the non-use of Róger Guedes. It was then that the Portuguese coach gave the 25-year-old forward a big ear.

“I don’t have a personal problem with any player, I’m here to try to help everyone improve. Róger was a player who has been through a good moment but who is now having difficulties in responding in terms of training and fighting to overcome this situation. I wanted him to give me the confidence to be able to put him in the game, but I’m not feeling that”, he explained.

Vítor Pereira also criticized the player’s alleged discomfort in being used in positions that he does not feel comfortable with.

“I also wanted to coach Liverpool, but I can’t. I’m being honest, if you asked me I would run, with all due respect to Corinthians, but we’re talking about Liverpool. This is not how we want it, this is not my concept of the game, this is what the team needs. And sometimes you need Roger on the left, sometimes in the middle and sometimes on the right. He has to have the capacity to answer that”, he concluded.

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