THE BALL – «For me, Diogo Gonçalves is a right winger» (Benfica)

Launched in the second half of the match with Arouca (2-0), Diogo Gonçalves returned to more advanced terrain in the right lane, contrary to what he did with Jorge Jesus, in which he was mostly used as a full-back. After the match, Nélson Veríssimo reiterated his position on the Portuguese under-21 international.

«Each coach has his opinion, but I see Diogo Gonçalves with a right winger. It was like that in training and I recognize a lot of potential for doing that position and that’s how I’m going to use it», he explains.

Still on another youngster from the formation, Nélson Veríssimo praised Paulo Bernardo.

“He is a player who is part of the squad and whom everyone recognizes for his quality as they do for others. He’s in a good moment, he played a good game, but there were also others who did. If we manage to enhance the qualities of the players and put them at the service of the team, the collective becomes stronger. Paulo has to continue to follow his path, here it is not about age, but about quality and competence», he concluded.

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