THE BALL – Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis fight in mid-game (video) (NBA)

The Los Angeles Lakers are having a start to the season to forget and in addition to the defeat against the Phoenix Suns (105-115) Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis started to fight on the bench, in another journey of the North American Basketball League ( NBA).

Dwight Howard and Anthony Davis fell out, started arguing on the bench and pushing each other. It was the teammates who tried to stop the situation. The Los Angeles team is experiencing deep internal problems.

Howard, at the press conference, explained what happened: “We solved the situation like this. We had a disagreement about something that had happened at the match.”

Lakers legend Magic Johnson couldn’t believe what he saw: “Dwight Howard and Anthony David had a physical altercation on the bench… I’ve never seen anything like it in my 42 years associated with the Lakers.

The Los Angeles team has 11 consecutive defeats, with three in the playoffs last season, six preseason games and two defeats in the new season.



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