THE BALL – Bosz and expulsion of Anthony Lopes: «All poorly positioned» (Lyon)

Hello trainer. Lyon, Peter Bosz, refused to hold Anthony Lopes directly responsible for the bid in which, with his team beating Ajaccio 2-0 in the opening game of Ligue 1, this Friday, at the Groupama Stadium in the French city, the Portuguese international goalkeeper ‘rammed’ at 27′, in an out-of-time exit and chilling entry, El Idrissy, which resulted in the 1-2 for the visitors and the expulsion of the 31-year-old Portuguese player, leaving his team outnumbered.

Even so, Bosz admitted that this kind of play, in a team that seemed packed for the rout and that, from almost making it 3-0, found itself with a 2-1 tangential advantage and numerical inferiority on the field (ten to eleven players of the Ajaccio, with the ‘red’ to the Portuguese player), «cannot happen».

“We could have done better, but that red card… Frankly, you’re winning 2-0 and ‘that’ happens? It wasn’t good, it can’t happen, it can’t be! First, on the part of Antho[ny Lopes]. But attention, we were all poorly positioned, specifically the defense, too. Not only him», said the coach at the end to journalists, quoted by

“Everything was going so well, but you can’t go after 3-0 all the time, balanced in attack. So the red card [a Anthony Lopes] had a shock effect”, admitted the 58-year-old Dutch coach, who arrived at Ol. Lyon in 2021 from Bayer Leverkusen (Germany), and himself a former Netherlands international midfielder (eight caps).

“Fortunately, even before the break, Ajaccio was also reduced to ten. Then we manage the game’s control well. To finish eighth in Ligue 1 again is not: we must win all the points at home, these fans deserve it”, concluded Peter Bosz, still fainthearted and without specifically pointing the finger at the Portuguese player, already 22 years old at the hello Lyon, a club he arrived at as a child, in 2000 (22 years ago!), having spent four seasons in the B team (2008 to 2012) and which has defended the emblem’s goal for a decade, almost always already as team captain.

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