THE BALL – Applause for Pizzi, whistles for Grimaldo and a lot of faith in the kids (Benfica)

In contrast to Pizzi, who did not play at first, but during team training, with each corner kick he scored, he felt the affection of the Benfica fans, who were applauding him, Grimaldo was a kind of ugly duckling for the Luz stands.

There weren’t many, but the whistles that came out of the stands each time the Spanish left-back touched the ball were clearly noticeable.

Also a consequence of the disciplinary case that involved him in the last round of the League, in the trip to Paços de Ferreira, even though the Spanish side himself, in an interview with A BOLA, the day before yesterday, denied this refusal to play the final round of 2021/ 2022 Be that as it may, for fans the situation has not yet been fully resolved.

Even so, Grimaldo was one of the players who reacted on social networks to the massive presence of Benfica fans in yesterday’s training.

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