The bad moment that María Fernanda Callejón lives with her ex-husband

Friday, February 3, 2023


Maria Fernanda Callejon separated from the father of her daughter, Ricky Diotto, in the middle of a great infidelity scandal. Many things were said and although nothing was confirmed, it is public knowledge that things are not good between them, despite having Giovanna in common.

While the actress is living a great personal moment with her romance with Fernando Gamboa, and professionally with the success of Los vecinos de arriba in Carlos Paz’s season, things with the musician complicate her present a bit.

Ricky Diotto spoke very badly of Maria Fernanda Callejon, something that made her jump on television on more than one opportunity to defend herself. But on this occasion, the new information that came to light is that she presented everything about her so that the express divorce would come out and it did not come out of it.

“I separated in June of last year but I kept it silent and we told the media in July or August. Anyway, I had been in crisis for a while. I am spontaneous and although I am not going to tell my life on television, if I You ask, I’m not going to hide it either. I don’t know how to lie. They were 12 years together with Ricky and eight married, plus seven assisted fertilization treatments to become parents. A pandemic in the middle and life itself, “said the actress in dialogue with Soon about the truth of their separation.

It was there that he decided to talk about the drama that he lives with the divorce: “I am actually separated, waiting for the divorce. It is being processed but the time seems extremely strange to me because the express divorce is done quickly in theory. I asked for it in September but when we prosecuted the matter, the judge decided to wait.”

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Asked about the reasons why the judge decided to wait so long, Maria Fernanda Callejon He opened up: “I have no idea. I asked the lawyers the same thing but I already had my head set here in the season. First I was going to come with another company and when Fabián Vena called me to direct The Neighbors from Above, I changed heading”.

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