The Avignon Festival canceled after Emmanuel Macron’s announcements

The streets of Avignon during the theater festival. (Archives) – A. GELEBART / 20 MINUTES

Neither “in” nor “Off”. There will be no Avignon Festival in July.
The organizers decided to cancel it after
Emmanuel Macron’s speech. “The conditions are no longer met today for the 74th edition to take place,” he wrote in a press release, after having “taken note of the declarations of the President of the Republic”. In addition to extending the confinement until May 11, the head of state announced that “major festivals and events with a large audience will not be able to be held until at least mid-July”.

The Avignon Festival was to start on July 3 and end on July 23. Since its creation in 1947, the Festival has only been canceled once, in 2003, in the midst of the intermittent workers’ conflict. Each year, La Cité des Papes becomes the “capital of the theater” and attracts 700,000 visitors with the “in” and the “Off”. The economic spinoffs for Avignon are estimated at around 100 million euros, of which 25 million are generated by the “in”.



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