The average age of victims is 13-17 years



Polda Metro Jaya arrest a citizen (WN) French initials FCA (65) for acts of intercourse with 305 children. Jakarta Police Chief Inspector General Nana Sudjana said the majority of victims were underage.

“There are already 17 (victims) that we can identify which are indeed among those aged 13 and 17 years, indeed among them yes,” Nana told reporters at Metro Jaya Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (9/7) / 2020).

Nana revealed the victims were not only deceived by being made into photo models, the perpetrators also gave some money to the victims if they were willing to have sex.

According to Nana, the range of money given by perpetrators to victims varies. The nominal money starts from Rp 250 thousand to Rp 1 million.

Nana also added, the number of 305 victims was obtained after police examined the perpetrator’s laptop. He said that in the laptop there were 305 videos of perpetrators who were underage perpetrators.

“When investigators tracing from the perpetrators do not want to be invited or are not cooperative. It means we are working with cyber Police Headquarters to open the contents of the perpetrators’ laptops. Then we get 305 video nasty videos with minors and carried out by the perpetrators, only one perpetrator “Nana said.

For their actions, the police alleged the FAC with Article 81 Paragraph (5) jo Article 76D of Law No. 1/2006 concerning the second amendment to Law No. 23/2002 on Child Protection. The threat of punishment is capital punishment, life imprisonment, or a minimum of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years and can be subject to chemical castration.

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