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The autopsy will tell if he was killed by a heart attack. Three days of national mourning and a king’s funeral

Diego left yesterday around noon on the Rio de la Plata, when we in Italy were 4 pm. The arrival of the nine ambulances called in the private residential area of ​​San Andrés, in the Tigre area, where many the richest in Buenos Aires ,.

Maradona took refuge in this “buen retiro” last November 11, after he was discharged from the private clinic Olivos. The two-hour brain surgery he had undergone to extract a hematoma had gone well – this at least the Argentine doctors had assured – while the neurosurgeon Leopoldo Luque, the doctor who followed him personally, said that Maradona had chosen precisely the his home of the Tigre to be closer to his daughters, Dalma and Giannina.

The declared goal was to recover the fullness of his strength and health close to his loved ones, especially to recover from his addiction to alcohol, the last of his artificial enemies that recently had led him more and more often to appearances. embarrassing on television. At the time of Diego’s death, the first to arrive were his two daughters and ex-wife, Claudia Villafane. The first cause of death made known by the Argentine media, in this case the online version of El Clarín that gave a preview of the news, is that of a cardiocirculatory block, a common heart attack. The problem is that, being Maradona, immediate rumors began to circulate about his alleged depression, caused by the fact that he, as he had already done in 2000 when he almost died of similar problems, wanted to pass the recovery and detoxification phase from alcohol in Cuba. Someone, however, would have advised him against it, preventing him from doing so, probably his family or Dr. Luque himself. The Argentine health authorities are investigating the death of the Pibe de Oro, which have received authorization to carry out an autopsy from Maradona’s family.

Family whose relations with the champion have been, especially in recent times, of love and hate even through social media, such as last year, when the Pibe de Oro said on Instagram that he would disinherit his daughter Giannina. The same daughter who yesterday, just as her father died, photographed and posted on Instagram the image of a mural with the effigy of her father, writing: “Find him in the middle of the street”. Three weeks ago, for her father’s 60th birthday, Giannina, on the other hand, wrote: «My great confidant, the best accomplice () is the one I admire, yesterday, today and always. Who taught me to forgive and to forgive myself. To get lost to come back to meet me to start again. Happy 60th birthday to the hurricane that despite my 31 years continues to call me ponpon. I’ll love you forever”.

Certainly now, as the Argentine gossip press already suggests, a very hard war for the inheritance between all the women Maradona has loved and married in his life is shaping up. In addition to the tide of praise coming from all over the world, there is no lack of criticism, even from Argentina, such as that of the famous investigative reporter Jorge Lanata, who in an acid tweet recalled Diego as follows: «An excellent footballer on the pitch. Off the field a lousy person. May death not turn a bad person into a good one. Don’t be hypocrites ».

Meanwhile, the president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández – after proclaiming three days of mourning throughout the country immediately after the announcement that Maradona was no longer with us, made the Casa Rosada available to the champion’s family for the funeral ceremony. An honor destined to make the burial of Diez, the “10” par excellence, a planetary event. The match of his beloved Boca Juniors, who had to face the Internacional of Porto Alegre, for the Libertadores Cup last night at 21.30, has been suspended. We will talk about it again on December 2, while Pelé from Brazil, as soon as he heard the news, said sadly: “We will play football together in heaven”.

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