The Audi grandsphere is the luxury sedan of the future. It recognizes you by walking

The four rings will bring the Audi grandsphere luxury sedan concept to the IAA in Munich. The ride in it is supposed to symbolize a first class flight.

The Audi grandpshere is a new addition to the “Sphere” family of concept cars. It was first introduced to the world Audi skysphere – an electrically driven roadster with an automated driving function, which can be transformed into a driver-driven sports car thanks to a variable wheelbase. Now the luxury limousine is seeing the light of day, whose technologies will begin to appear in serial cars in the four-wheel drive in the coming years.

The novelty attracts especially the automated driving of the fourth level, during which the driver can handle correspondence, or “ask” the car for the prospect of a trip with the best restaurants and hotels. A matter of course on board is premium audio and streaming services directly in the car’s multimedia system. Over time, the car can handle individualized and exclusive offers for concerts, cultural or sporting events. Buying a ticket will be a matter of a few clicks on the screen.

According to the creators, the word “Sphere” in the name of all three concepts (the last one will be Audi urbansphere in 2022) symbolizes the fact that special emphasis was placed on the interior when building these cars. In fact, the cabin itself was first designed, and only then was work done on the exterior design and other aspects. The satisfaction of the crew inside is said to be more important than the drive or driving dynamics.

However, this does not mean that it is an uninteresting product from the outside. The study door hangs at the front and back and opens apart. The body does not have B-pillars, so a huge boarding area appears when opened. The concept works with gait recognition technology, which identifies the owner in time and automatically opens the door.


Audi further says that the vision of the grandsphere brings about a radical change in the comfort zone. While in a traditional luxury limousine the owner sits in the back, now the first class is in the front row. This part of the interior is no longer used primarily for driving the vehicle, with the activation of autonomous driving, the steering wheel and pedals disappear and the entire front part of the interior turns into a leisure space. The concept has seats in a 2 + 2 arrangement and between the front seats we find a refrigerated deck bar with two glasses and space for a bottle.

Inside, we work with the best materials, the designers randomly mention wood and wool, synthetic fabrics or metal. Much of this is made from recycled raw materials, you would look in vain for classic leather in the Audi grandsphere.


With a length of 5.35 meters, a width of 2 meters and a height of 1.39 meters, the car boasts an extra-long wheelbase of 3.19 meters (longer than the extended Audi A8). However, instead of a traditional limousine, the low construction resembles a rather elongated four-door GT without unnecessary external curls. The car looks clean and sleek, which was the goal of the creators.

Although it is a concept, Audi did not forget to mention information about technology. The study is based on the PPE platform designed exclusively for electric propulsion. The battery with a capacity of 120 kWh can be found among the axles, the drive is provided by two electric motors with all-wheel drive. The system power is 530 kW and the torque is 960 newton meters, the car can handle a hundred in about four seconds. The architecture of the car works with an 800V network, thanks to which it can charge up to 270 kW with fast chargers. It is said that a ten-minute charge is enough to get 300 kilometers of travel. From 5 to 80%, the owner can be reached in just 25 minutes. The total range is 750 km.

The front wheels are suspended on a five-link axle optimized for electric drive. The rear axle is multi-element and, like the front axle, made of aluminum. There are also steerable rear wheels and Audi air suspension – single-chamber with adaptive shock absorbers. The car is also equipped with an active chassis, which can change the position of individual wheels in milliseconds by moving up or down. In any situation, the car manages to actively regulate the position of the body and thus significantly suppress its unwanted movements.

The Audi grandsphere concept can be seen live on Munich Motor Show already next week. Of course, the editorial office will not be missing on the spot, so we will bring you immediate impressions directly from the exhibition center.



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