The Atta Center has created a network of virtual restaurants

The Atta Center conference center has created, as it informs, a dark kitchen chain – restaurants that operate only for delivery.

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Atta Center currently offers two restaurants: Osaka by Atta (Asian cuisine) and Parma by Atta (Italian cuisine). A confectionery with ready-made dessert sets is coming soon. Restaurants will cooperate with “Wolt” a “Bolt Food”.

The Atta Center conference center was opened in October this year. It was put into operation in August this year at the site of the former “Elkor” furniture center on Krasta Street, Riga. The total area of ​​the Atta Center Conference and Exhibition Center is 22,700 square meters. It has 29 conference rooms and an office center to accommodate up to 5,500 people at a time. Atta Center has also received a three million euro loan from Signet Bank.

The Atta Center’s kitchen area is 400 square meters. The Osaka by Atta Asian Restaurant has a menu of 70 items, including sushi, soups and desserts. The Parma by Atta menu includes 25 dishes: pizza, lasagna, pasta and more.

The Atta Center has created a network of virtual restaurants
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When preparing dishes for Asian restaurants, the goal is to stay in the middle price segment, says “Atta Center” chef Artūrs Arnicāns.

Atta Center plans to develop a dark kitchen concept, so new restaurants will be built soon. It is planned that each new virtual restaurant will be named in honor of the city whose cuisine it represents (Osaka is a city in Japan, Parma – Italy).

Atta Center also provides catering services for offices.

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