The Athens match didn’t work out

Greece, instead of engaging in dialogue with Turkey, the maximalist demands of the “elder brother complained to diplomacy” were inconclusive. Athens did not find what it expected at the meeting of EU foreign ministers, where final preparations were assessed before the EU Council summit, where heads of state and the EU government will meet on 10 and December 11. Diplomatic sources said that while the Mediterranean members of the EU, Italy, Spain and Malta were against the sanctions, Hungary also took an anti-sanctions stance. After the critical summit to be held tomorrow, he did not expect to commit to achieving the desired results in the troubled EU-Turkey relations. The biggest supporters of Athens in the EU were France and Austria. The macro-management that forms the basis of the opposition policy to Turkey, the Eastern Mediterranean as well as the issues at the meeting of the foreign ministers of the EU, Libya, Syria and their counterparts reiterated in the Ankara Speech on issues such as Nagorno -Karabakh. Austria is another country that has supported Greece. Austrian Foreign Minister Alexander Schallenberg also supports France’s thesis, criticized Turkey’s policy, defended the assumption of the tough stance of the EU.

Spain, Italy, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Bulgaria are not looking hot as the sanctions against Turkey. The Baltic countries also prefer to remain silent on the issue. Diplomatic sources said Turkey preceded the field dialogue, emphasizing that it was justified because the escape from the table. According to the Greek authorities, Turkey must accept the proposal for unconditional talks on the tension in the eastern Mediterranean and diplomacy from many sources, claiming that if Athens instead relies on a policy of hostage behavior in EU-Turkey relations , said. The position of the German president of the EU, who has been mediating between Athens and Ankara since July, is important in the process. Germany, which is believed to maintain its position in favor of dialogue, should consider the hostile attitude of Athens. On the other hand, even if the sanction decision is made, it is considered symbolic.

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Miçotakis, living in a dispute with Turkey-European Union, said he managed to resolve the dispute. Eastern Mediterranean and will be held from December 10 to 11 in statements regarding the summit of EU leaders Miçotakis, “we were able to transform the EU-Turkey disputes from the Greek-Turkish dispute,” he said. Miçotakis, but give me a chance for Turkey’s October EU summit to “embrace this positive agenda,” he suggested. Miçotakis, if the emergence of EU sanctions, Turkey, in other areas a “veto” the card to the question of whether they would use “the majority of Europeans is next to Athens. Our allies are many. These others can use “was the answer.

Peter Stano, spokesman for the European Union (EU) Commission on the EU summit, “We cannot forget that Turkey is a member of NATO. EU Interests “According to Turkey’s attitude, moving forward, if possible in a positive direction, is to be in constructive cooperation and dialogue,” he said.


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