The Asturias Chambers of Commerce want to act as one globally | BE Gijón

The Chambers of Commerce of Asturias want to have a document prepared for the autumn on the creation of an Asturian Council of Chambers of Commerce that allows them to maintain their peculiarities but unite to tackle global challenges together.

This has been stated by the president of the Gijón Chamber of Commerce, Félix Baragaño, within the framework of the International Trade Fair (FIDMA), where he met with the president of the Asturian Federation of Entrepreneurs (FADE), María Calvo .

The idea is to replicate the model of the regional council that already exists in other communities that allows to maintain the peculiarities of each institution and at the same time that the chambers act “as one” when it is necessary to dialogue with the Principality, the state or in the field international.

Acting locally with a global vision, has summarized Baragaño, who has hoped to present a concrete proposal to the Principality in autumn.

The president has indicated that the Chambers want to have direct management assignments in areas such as collaborative licenses with city councils or in the transmission of European funds.

For his part, Calvo has respected the decision of the chambers and has supported initiatives that abound in greater coordination.

After the meeting held with the Chamber of Gijón, Calvo highlighted the importance of the business unit to face the challenges that lie ahead and strengthen Asturias as a territory in which companies can be competitive.

Likewise, it has been convinced that the worst of the pandemic has passed and it is time to transform thanks to the “opportunity” posed by European funds.

In this regard, Baragaño has highlighted the challenge for companies to adapt to new trends, digitization or the circular economy and has hoped that European funds will gradually be capillarized towards large and small companies.


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