The assets of the 18 richest people in Indonesia reach IDR 1,057 trillion

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia –

Forbes re-released the list the richest man in this world. Noted, 18 Indonesians were included in the list.

If you add up, the total wealth of Indonesians on the Forbes list reaches US $ 75.5 billion. If converted to rupiah at an exchange rate of Rp. 14 thousand per US dollar, the total assets of the Indonesian people are equivalent to Rp. 1,057 trillion.

The Hartono brothers’ name is back on the Forbes list of the richest people in the world. Budi Hartono is in position 86 with total assets of US $ 20.9 billion and Michael Hartono is in position 89 with a wealth of US $ 19.7 billion.

In addition, Prajogo Pangestu is in position 404 with total assets of US $ 6.5 billion, Chairul Tanjung is in position 589 with a wealth of US $ 4.8 billion, and Tahir and his family are in the position of 925 with total assets of US $ 3.3 billion.

Furthermore, there is Eddy Kusnadi Sariaatmadja who has a wealth of US $ 3 billion and occupies the position of 1,008. Then, there are three Indonesians who are ranked 1,833 with a wealth of US $ 1.7 billion.

The three people are Theodore Rachmat, Mochtar Riyadi and family, and Djoko Susanto. Then, Peter Sondakh came in at position 1,833 with a total wealth of US $ 1.5 billion, and Alexander Tedja in position 2,141 with a fortune of US $ 1.4 billion.

Then, Murdaya Poo and Winarko Sulistyo are both in position 2,378 with a fortune of US $ 1.2 billion. Furthermore, four Indonesians occupy the position of 2,524 with total assets of US $ 1.1 billion.

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The four people were Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwanto, Low Tuck Kwong, Susanto Suwarto, and Hary Tanoesoedibjo.

The order of the richest people on Forbes:

86. Budi Hartono: US $ 20.9 billion
89. Michael Hartono: US $ 19.7 billion
404. Prajogo Pangestu: US $ 6.5 billion
589. Chairul Tanjung: US $ 4.8 billion
925. Tahir & Family: US $ 3.3 billion
1,008. Eddy Kusnadi: Sariaatmadja: US $ 3 billion
1,249. Jerry Ng: US $ 2.5 billion
1,833. Theodore Rachmat: US $ 1.7 billion
1,833. Mochtar Riady and family: US $ 1.7 billion
1,833. Djoko Susanto: US $ 1.7 billion
2,035. Peter Sondakh: US $ 1.5 billion
2,141. Alexander Tedja: US $ 1.4 billion
2,378. Murdaya Poo: US $ 1.2 billion
2,378. Winarko Sulistyo: US $ 1.2 billion
2,524. Lim Hariyanto Wijaya Sarwano: US $ 1.1 billion
2.524. Low Tuck Kwong: US$1,1 miliar
2,524. Susanto Suwarto: US $ 1.1 billion
2,524. Hary Tanoesoedibjo: US $ 1.1 billion

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