The artisan panettone breaks through the “ceiling” of 60 euros

If the average for a good artisan leavened product is around 35 euros, with an average growth close to 10% compared to Christmas 2021, what worries Bergamo bakers and pastry chefs is the accounts, which often don’t add up.

At the same time, requests for half-kilo or 750-gram pieces are increasing, which allow you to save a few euros.

«For months we have suffered dizzying increases in terms of bills and raw materials – confirms Massimo Ferrandi, president of Aspan Bergamo, the association that brings together Bergamo bakers -. If it is true that the price of flour has risen significantly, from 0.60 to 1.1 euro per kilo, proportionately much more light, gas, butter, eggs, raisins and candied fruit have an impact.

We try to raise prices as little as possible to meet our customers and it is clear that in our bakeries we save money compared to the big capitals, where today it is difficult to find an artisanal panettone under 45 euros».

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