“The Art of Photography through the Eyes of Linda Leen: My Fondness for These Individuals”

When asked how she chooses the people for her portraits, Linda Leen says that they are usually people whose life stories personally inspire her. Also, during a recent trip to India, the singer met two wonderful people.

“It opens that world to me – oh my god, how different we are. And how interesting it is. And how good and cool it is that we are different,” she says, noting that in our somewhat conservative society, although growth is visible, the different is still perceived as somewhat dangerous, incomprehensible.

“By traveling more, I see exactly that beauty in the different, and that inspires my photography.”

Linda Leen discovers that the people she photographs are close and have opened up a side that is a surprise even to herself. “We already discover ourselves through other people, through interaction with them,” she says, “I have such a challenge – especially women who may have a complex, whose first thought when thinking about themselves is not “I am beautiful.” ” Then the photographer likes to reveal an angle or point of view where later the woman looks and doesn’t even recognize herself.

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