The Art Brief on the Seventh Day TV … Asir Yassin leads Google … and Elham Shaheen promotes a “curfew.”

The “seventh day” television presented a new summary of art, through which it presented a group of artistic news, whether at the local or international level.

The summary presented a news story by the artist Mohamed Ramadan, who expressed his deep thanks to World Music Awards The World Music Awards, which celebrated his new song “Ya Habibi”, skipped more than 7 million views on YouTube and was ranked first in 15 other countries.

The artist, Mohamed Ramadan, wrote on Instagram, “Thank you, the official page of World Music. Ordess for this wonderful talk. I present this article to my dear republics in Egypt, the Arab world and Africa because all of this is thanks to them after our Lord .. Trust in God, success .. Muhammad Ramadan.“.

Art Brief

The technical summary also presented a news about the famous festivals singer Oka, who today started filming a video clip for his latest songs titled “Itdala 1991″, in one of the famous studios in Cairo, where he is presenting it after completing the montage and mixing it on all satellite channels and on his channel on the site ” The YouTube

The song is written and distributed by Oka, and its idea is set in the framework of 1991, under the supervision of the singer Mai Kassab, and the clip is directed by Yahya Alaa..

Technical Brief
Technical Brief

The technical summary also touched on the obituary of a number of artists to Captain Azmi Mujahid, Where we obey Dr. Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, is his friend Azmi Mujahid, the former star of the Zamalek club and the former Egyptian volleyball team, who left our world this morning, affected by his infection with the Corona virus.

Ashraf Zaki posted a picture of Azmi Mujahid through his Instagram account, and wrote on it: “Goodbye, my dear friend Azmi Mujahid.”

We also mourned the artist Salah Abdullah Azmi Mujahid and wrote on Twitter, “A loyal Egyptian patriot, Tayeb Jada, I ask you Al-Fatiha and pray to Captain Azmi Mujahid.”

The technical summary also included a story about The departure of the actor Abdul Raziq Al-Shimi, who is famous in many films as “Pharaoh”, after suffering a health crisis, and subsequently entered a hospital.

The great star Mohamed Henedy, the late artist Abd al-Raziq al-Shimi, mourned, on his official page, a picture of him with the late artist while filming one of the scenes in the works that they brought together, and he said, “May God remain in the artist Abdel Razek Al-Shimi“ Pharaoh ”.. God have mercy on him And forgive him. “

Seventh Day Television
Seventh Day Television

The summary featured a news item by the actress Elham Shaheen, who promoted the movie “Curfew”, which she is participating in, and her followers on Instagram shared a picture of her standing next to the film, and she commented “A curfew .. directed by Amir Ramses”, and of course the image received a great interaction among her followers. .

On the other hand, musician Tamer Karawan has finished the soundtrack for the movie, directed by Amir Ramses.

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Artist Asser Yassin also issued Google search indicators because of his presence in an episode with the journalist Mona El Shazly in the program “With You, Mona El Shazly”, which was broadcast on CBC with the heroes of the series “100 Wesh”

During the episode, Aser revealed the scenes of his participation in the series, the reason for his success and his comedic presentation, and the reason for his participation in the series “The Choice”. He said that he loved his role in the series of choice that was shown last Ramadan, and added that he respects this experience and sees the necessity of many works like it.

Finally, the brief talked about a possible science fiction thriller film TENET For international director Christopher Nolan, to achieve more than $ 152 million in a box office race around the world, amid the outbreak of the new Corona virus.

Movie Tenet Written and directed by Christophor Nolan, and a large number of world stars participate in it, and some of the reports quoted by Variety newspaper revealed the existence of a leak of non-original copies of the film through Internet platforms and unlicensed sites, after about a week of its release in cinemas in a number of From countries around the world.


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