The arsonist from Bohumín is also being prosecuted for the June incident with a pistol

He was aiming for his family

The fact that the largest mass murderer in modern history was already prosecuted at the time of the arson attack was confirmed to Práva by Pavla Jiroušková, a spokeswoman for the Moravian-Silesian police.

“I can confirm that the police are investigating the incident in connection with the possession of a gas pistol, which was to take place in June this year in Bohumín,” the spokeswoman said without further details. She did not say what the crime was.

According to information from Práva, this is an incident that took place in June on the shores of Lake Kalisz in Bohumín. Based on the claims of several witnesses, Právo has already informed about the incident. Zdeněk K. pulled out a gas pistol on the shore of the lake, which he aimed at members of his family, with whom he had long-standing disputes.

The police did not say why the prosecution was conducted at large and the accused was not detained a few weeks ago. However, the fact that it was only a gas pistol most likely played a role, so the reasons for the detention were not found.

Four records

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