The Arrival of Vaccines to Strengthen Defenses against Covid-19 in Baja California

The Arrival of Vaccines to Strengthen Defenses against Covid-19 in Baja California

In mid-October, the Baja California Health Secretariat expects the arrival of vaccines that will be used to strengthen the defenses of the elderly population against Covid-19, as announced by the head of that agency, Adrián Medina Amarillas.

During the state government’s morning press conference, Medina admitted that the federation has not yet formally notified him, but that he is aware that more shipments will arrive to reinforce the vaccination table for the most vulnerable sectors.

He said he did not know how many remittances could arrive, but assured that once they know it, they will implement a strategy to make it reach the population over 60 years of age, as well as those who have comorbidities and different immunodeficiencies.

The vaccines against Covid-19 will be the ones called Sputnik and Abdalla, which have Russian and Cuban origin respectively, although the arrival of reinforcements against influenza is also expected.

The official ruled out that active cases of Covid-19 have overflowed, ensuring that a similar panorama is observed at the national level.

The Secretary of Health pointed out that to date there are around 1,100 active cases in the entity, highlighting that there are only two people hospitalized in spaces managed by the Ministry of Health. Regarding deaths, he said that there have been four deaths from this disease in the last month.

“In one month, 100 die from a myocardial infarction, 110 have died in accidents, to serve as a reference. We are concerned about what is happening to Baja Californians, but given the insistence or interest that the population has in Covid, the message is to convey security, peace of mind that the secretariat is vigilant and attentive and the necessary measures will be taken at the right time.” , he expressed.

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On the other hand, Medina Amarillas reiterated that they are not considering limiting the mobility of the population, nor suspending social, economic or educational activities, since they consider that there are no serious conditions in the entity.

However, he commented that the staff of the Ministry of Health, the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Institute of Security and Social Services of Government Workers and Municipalities of Baja California are being asked to use face masks on a mandatory basis because they have a high risk of infections inside their hospitals and clinics, but not to the users.

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