The Arrival of Bailu Solar Term: The Changing Seasons and National Autumn Map

Original title: The night is getting colder!The National Autumn Map of Bailu Solar Term is Released

In September, the summer heat is gradually disappearing, and today (September 8) our country ushered in the Bailu solar term. “When the breeze prevails, the white dew suddenly condenses.” White dew is the third solar term of autumn. The north begins the comfortable season of high autumn air, while the summer heat still exists in the south, where “autumn tigers” occasionally appear.

【National Autumn Map】

It’s still summer in the south and autumn is gradually changing in the north

White dew is an important season that reflects changes in temperature. The weather has reached a turning point from hot to cool. At this time, the north is making great strides towards autumn, and the most comfortable time of the year is coming. The south is still some distance away from the real autumn, and summer is still firmly locked in Jiangnan and South China.

It can be seen from the national autumn map launched by China Weather Network that the territory of autumn is rapidly expanding on the territory of our country during the year-round white dew period. When the Bailu solar term begins, most of Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Shanxi, northern Hebei, most of Inner Mongolia, the three northeastern provinces, the Sichuan-Tibet Plateau, and western Guizhou have entered autumn in the meteorological sense. The weather is cold in the morning and evening. The meaning is strong. The areas along the Tianshan Mountains in Xinjiang, the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and northeastern Inner Mongolia have already taken the lead in embarking on the long winter journey.

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area, Shandong, Henan, Sichuan Basin, Hubei, western Hunan, northern Jiangsu and Anhui, etc. will stride into the threshold of autumn during the Bailu solar term. Among the big cities, Beijing, Tianjin, Shijiazhuang, Zhengzhou and Jinan all enter autumn during the white dew period. By the end of the Bailu solar term, most areas in the north have basically entered autumn in the true sense. You can feel the crisp autumn air during the day, but the temperature difference between day and night further increases, and the coolness appears in the morning and evening. Chengdu, located in the southwest region, will bid farewell to the heat and enter autumn amidst the continuous autumn rain.

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Although the peak period of high temperature in Jiangnan and most of South China has passed, the summer heat still exists at this time, and the “autumn tiger” will occasionally attack back. The real start of autumn will not begin until after the autumnal equinox.

【Bai Dew Weather

The autumn wind is gradually picking up and the dew is getting thicker

It’s white dew time, the autumn wind is picking up, and the dew is getting thicker. At this time, the summer monsoon is gradually replaced by the winter monsoon, and cold air moves south frequently. In addition, the sunshine duration in the northern hemisphere becomes shorter and the intensity weakens. It is often clear and cloudy at night, and the ground radiation heat dissipates quickly, and the temperature drop gradually accelerates. Therefore, there is the “White Dew Autumn Equinox” Night, one night is cold and the other is cold,” one said.

During the White Dew Period, the territory of autumn continues to expand from north to south, and the autumn process will begin in North China and the Huanghuai area during this period. But Jiangnan and South China are still in summer at this time, especially in South China. When there is no rainfall, you must pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Entering the Bailu solar term, the weather begins to turn cooler, and the water vapor in the fields condenses into dew. When the night temperature drops below 0°C, the dew condenses into frost. At this time, the first frost began to appear in northern Xinjiang, northeastern Inner Mongolia, and northern Heilongjiang in my country.

Generally speaking, precipitation begins to decrease significantly during the white dew period, but the West China region is special. The white dew is the season when “night rains in Bashan swell the autumn ponds”. At this time, the cold air that frequently moves south meets the warm and humid air staying in West China, which intensifies the frontal activity, resulting in long-term rain. The continuous autumn rain in West China usually reaches its peak during the white dew period.

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Entering the Bailu solar term, it is already halfway through early September, but typhoons are still active at this time, not only in number but also very ferocious. The China Weather Network took stock of typhoon data from 1949 to 2022 and found that the total number of strong typhoons and super typhoons that made landfall in my country during the Bailu period in 74 years was the highest in the whole year, reaching 18. Behind Bailu are Beginning of Autumn and Great Heat, with 15 and 14 respectively.

【White Dew Phenology】

The fragrant osmanthus fragrants the wild geese flying from the north to the south

The ancients described the phenology of Bailu, which is all related to birds: the swan geese come in the first wave, the black birds return in the second wave, and the flocks of birds rear their heads in the third wave. In the season of crisp autumn air and fragrant osmanthus, the birds have been keenly aware of the chilling atmosphere. Migratory birds such as swans and swallows have begun to fly south to avoid the cold, and various birds that have stayed behind have begun to diligently store food for the winter.

Corn is golden, ears of corn are bent, cotton is grinning, and fruits are sweet… During the white dew period, all things grow with the cold and gradually mature. All parts of our country are entering the autumn grain harvest period, and farmers are ushering in a busy harvest season.

【White Dew Health Care】

Wearing clothes, eating and drinking to prevent autumn dryness

Bailu customs vary from place to place. Common ones include drinking Bailu tea, eating longan, brewing rice wine, and offering sacrifices to Dayu. The tea picked before and after Bailu is called Bailu tea. After spring and summer, the tea leaves have a richer and more mellow flavor in autumn. It is not as delicate as spring tea without soaking, nor is it dry and bitter like summer tea. Old Nanjing people drink it The habit of white dew tea. Bailu wine is a unique traditional wine in Chenzhou, Hunan. This wine contains heat in the temperature and is conducive to the dissipation of cold air.

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In Fuzhou, there is a custom that “you must eat longan when there is white dew”. Longan itself has many functions such as beneficial to the spleen, nourishing blood and calming the nerves. The longan before Bailu is big, sweet and has a good taste, so it is best to eat longan during Bailu.

People living by Taihu Lake in Jiangsu Province will worship Dayu, the hero of flood control, during the white dew season. Fishermen by Taihu Lake call him the “Waterway Bodhisattva”.

As a solar term, Bailu reminds people that the weather will change and they need to respond in time. For example, dressing can no longer be as cool and thin as in summer. Especially in the north, when it is cold in the morning and evening, you need to add clothes in time. In terms of diet, in addition to the white dew tea, longan, etc. mentioned above, you can also eat more pears or lilies to nourish yin and moisturize the lungs and resist autumn dryness.

The autumn air is crisp in the north and the sweet osmanthus is fragrant in the south. A wonderful solar term has arrived. At this time, you might as well invite your family and friends to go out of the house to appreciate the beautiful scenery of autumn and enjoy your own harvest.

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