The arrest of a criminal record who impersonated a doctor in Alexandria and performed surgery

The Ministry of the Interior was able to arrest a person for posing as a doctor and to create an account on the “Facebook” site to announce his illegal activity, as part of the efforts of the agencies of the Ministry of the Interior to fight crime in all its forms, in particular the crimes of representation.

Information and investigations by the specialized police sector security services confirmed that (a person with “criminal information” – resident in the Governorate of Beni Suef) pretended to be a “human doctor” and created an account on the site of social network “Facebook” to announce its ability to perform surgery in exchange for sums of money.

After legalizing the procedures, he was targeted and could be arrested while in Alexandria, in possession of (a cellphone – a sum of money – a range of medical supplies used in his criminal activity). he had passed off as a human doctor, and that he had created an account on the social network site “Facebook”. And by promoting his ability to perform surgery in exchange for sums of money, contrary to the truth, legal measures were taken and the defendant was imprisoned.

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