The Army Health Service announces the vacancies .. and specifies the specializations required and the modalities of presentation

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The Armed Forces Medical Services revealed the availability of more than 30 jobs for high school graduates and above, in (Jeddah, Tabuk, Al-Kharj and Sharurah).

Vacancies include:

1- Patient care technician.

2- Pharmacist.

3- Radiologist.

4- Public health technician.

5- Nursing technician.

6- Director of Nursing.

7- Emergency deputy.

Workplaces include:

1- King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital in Jeddah.

2- Administration of Armed Forces Hospitals in Al-Kharj.

3- King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in the North West.

4- Armed Forces Hospital in Sharurah.

The Armed Forces Medical Services have also invited those wishing to apply to enter the following link:(press here )

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