The Army Health Service announces the vacancies .. and specifies the specializations required and the modalities of presentation

The Armed Forces Medical Services has announced, through the Employment website, the availability of vacancies for high school and high school students.


King Fahd Union Hospital in Jeddah.

Armed Forces Hospital in Jubail.

Military Medical City of Prince Sultan.

King Salman Armed Forces Hospital in the North West.

Armed Forces Hospital in Sharurah.

and another…

Job title:

Registered Nurse.

Doctor – General Specialist / REGISTRAR – General Surgery.

Department of Vascular Surgery.

Nursing technician – Nurse technician (civil service).

Pharmacist – (civil service).

Patient Care Technician (Service).

Radiologist / Radiologist.

Pharmacist (civil service) – Jeddah.

Radiologist / Radiologist.

Public Health Technician / Public Health Technician (Civil Service).

Nursing Technician/Nursing Technician (Civil Service).

Nursing Director.

and other…

How to apply:

The medical services have indicated that the application is available through their website for employment and to apply and know more details on the conditions of the announced jobs, please enter the following link:

Application link – (click down here).

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