The Argentine Public Prosecutor’s Office starts investigations into the issue of distributing vaccines

1:12 PM

Tuesday 23 February 2021

Buenos Aires – A.A.

Argentina’s Public Prosecutor’s Office has launched investigations into the issue of violations, manipulation and abuse of influence that marred the distribution of Corona vaccines by the former Minister of Health, Genius Gonzalez Garcia.

The Argentine Public Prosecutor said, in statements carried by the Argentine News Agency today, Tuesday, that investigations are currently underway to find out the manipulation of the resigned Minister of Health, Guinness Garcia, in the distributions of the Corona vaccine in the country and the obtaining of close relatives of the vaccine before the priority groups of his countrymen.

And the Argentine Minister of Health resigned from his post last Friday, against the background of news circulated by Argentine media about receiving vaccinations against Corona virus close to him, without waiting for their turn according to the schedule of priorities for obtaining the vaccine imposed by the state.

Argentine media reported that the famous local journalist, Racio Verbitzky, was among these people, and the latter confirmed to a local radio that he had received the vaccine with the help of his friend Minister Garcia without waiting for his turn, as is followed in the framework of the procedures imposed by the state to obtain the vaccine.

It should be noted that Carla Vizotti, who was sworn in last Saturday as Minister of Health to succeed Garcia, emphasized in her first statement the strengthening of oversight and transparency over the Coronavirus vaccination program, adding that “the Argentine president decided to implement the largest vaccination plan in the country’s history as quickly as possible.” … and we will vaccinate every Argentine. “


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