The Apple Watch Ultra teardown report claims solid design, but also shows high maintenance difficulty – Engadget

Disassembly of iFixit Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra It is said to be able to survive in extreme environments thanks to its various rugged designs. But if it really needs to be opened for maintenance, will it become a hindrance?iFixit The video report after disassembly also demonstrates this idea. The professional disassembly team said that even though they loosened the obvious screws on the belly, they had to destroy the waterproof layer to open the lid; the front screen, battery, etc. they were even more stubborn and required special tools for removal. After disassembly, I saw a giant speaker element inside the Apple Watch Ultra. No wonder it can send out a distress siren that can sound at 180 meters and up to 86 decibels.

iFixit also took apart the Apple Watch Series 8 which debuted at the same time and compared the structure of the parts of the two watches. After seeing it, everyone should agree that the Ultra is double the selling price. But when it comes to restoring the Apple Watch Ultra, it seems unlikely, at least the screen breaks when it is pulled out … So if even such a powerful Apple Watch Ultra can be damaged by you then I believe you can change The new watch is better.

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