The Apple Watch is capable of detecting Covid-19

For several months it has been questioned whether smartwatches could help detect the new coronavirus. However, a couple of recent studies done in the United States confirmed that the Apple Watch can detect COVID-19, up to a week before the first symptoms of the disease.

This finding can be very relevant, since millions of people already use a Apple Watch from the Cupertino, California company; the wearable could even anticipate making a diagnosis before a PCR test.

In parallel, both the Mount Saint Health System de Nueva York as the Stanford University they carried out investigations that allowed them to arrive at this discovery.

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Photo: Photo: Simon Daoudi / Unsplash.

In the first case, This studio demonstrates that by using the Apple Watch it would be possible to detect a possible contagion. The investigation involved the use of both Smart watch along with a iPhone and a app, specially developed with this intention.

More of 300 patients they used this device to monitor and record your health, as well as they had to inform about the possible symptoms that they could feel. In this way, the data obtained regarding variations in heart rate, allowed the researchers to predict infections by COVID-19 with 7 days in advance to its diagnosis by means of a conventional test.

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Apple Watch Covid-19
Foto:Luke Chesser/Unsplash.

Meanwhile, the study developed by the Stanford University further expanded the possibility that smartwatches from different brands like Garmin, Fitbit and the same Apple Watch They could be used to detect contagion up to 10 days before a person presents symptoms —or does not have them, if they are asymptomatic.

This, by analyzing your heart rate and the pulse of people, measured in real time 24 hours a day by these wearables.

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