The appeal of GPs: “Covid cases on the rise, put yourself in autolockdown”

ROMAThe time has come for citizens to consider the need for a autolockdown to limit the risk of contagion to the utmost numbers in worrying growth“. It is the alarm cry of Silvestro Scotti, Secretary General of the Italian Federation of General Practitioners: “Work activities must be preserved – continues the appeal launched to the population – but all the rest, that which is not necessary, at this moment must be sacrificed in the name of public health. Even in the absence of indications to this effect from the institutions – underlined Scotti – citizens should understand the gravity of the situation and consider the opportunity at this time for an autolockdown“.

“Movements to be limited to the maximum”

Second Silvestro Scotti, in this “autolockdown” phase, citizens should “limit movements and contacts as much as possible by providing, for example, to go shopping only once a week and always delegating the same family member to carry out this task if possible. This member will then be ‘attentive’ and monitored in a particular way to immediately detect the onset of any symptoms related to Covid-19. You should only go out if there is a strict need and sociability with friends and relatives in homes should be avoided“. At this moment, he concludes,”productivity and work activity must be preserved, sacrificing all other expendable and unnecessary activities“.


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