The apocalypse is getting closer to attacking Europe, another signal from Russia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The gas “apocalypse” is approaching Europe. Russian gas state-owned Gazprom has reportedly informed European customers that the company cannot guarantee gas supplies due to circumstances “force majeure“.

According to Reuters, it was stated in a letter dated July 14 and has been going on since June 14. The phrase refers to standards in business contracts and defines extreme circumstances that relieve a party of their legal obligations.

The British media wrote, the declaration force majeure does not mean that Gazprom will stop shipping. “However, the company is not responsible if it fails to comply with the terms of the contract,” Reuters wrote again, Tuesday (19/7/2022).



One of the recipients is Uniper. It is the largest gas importer in Germany.

RWE, Germany’s biggest electricity producer and another Russian gas importer, also said it had received the notification. But the company declined to comment on details.

The report comes as Nord Stream 1, the main pipeline that delivers Russian gas to Germany and beyond, underwent 10 days of maintenance. The plan, if completed, the pipeline will be restarted on Thursday, although many people doubt it.

“This sounds like the first hint that gas supply via Nord Stream 1 may not resume after the 10-day maintenance ends,” said Hans van Cleef, senior energy economist at ABN Amro. give a response.

“Whether this issue is technical or more political, it could mean the next step in escalation between Russia and Europe or Germany,” he added.

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Previously, it was known that Nord Steam had indeed reduced its capacity to 40% since the 14th of last month. Gazprom blamed the delay in returning the gas turbine from maintenance in Canada by equipment supplier Siemens Energy.

The turbines cannot be delivered directly to Russia due to Western sanctions. So anchored in Germany.

“Canada sent the turbines for the pipeline to Germany by plane on July 17 after the repair work was completed,” the newspaper said Kommersant report on Monday.

“It will take another five to seven days for the turbines to reach Russia,” the report said, provided there were no problems with logistics and customs.

Meanwhile the United States (US) says Russia continues to use gas for political and economic weapons. Uncle Sam himself is trying to help Europe against it.

Russia continues to use natural gas as a political and economic weapon … the Biden administration continues to work to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels … driving up prices for consumers and threatening global energy security,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. .

It should be noted that the majority of natural gas in the European Union (EU) is from Russia. In semester 1 2021, for example, Russia dominates up to 46%, while Norway 20%, then Algeria 11%, US 6.3% and Qatar 4.3%.

The difficulty of gas has implications for price increases that spread to inflation. Based on Eurostat data released July 1, inflation in June 2022 on an annual basis in the euro zone was recorded at 8.6%.

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This is higher than the previous record in May 2022 of 8.1%. The realization also exceeded expectations by 8.4%.

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