The Any Other Business: What is your favorite Xbox One game?

Wait another long week and then it’s time for the Xbox Series X. From that moment on we can enjoy the new generation. This promises to be something, but we still have to be patient. To make the wait bearable, start your Xbox One and go through your library to pick a good game. Do you have something that you have never played before and do you start it up or do you go for the familiar and take that game that you have already played many times, but still pick it up again because it is a great game. It is a difficult choice and it is not uncommon for the familiar to win and you pick up one of your favorite games from your collection for the umpteenth time. So we asked the editors what their favorite Xbox One game is.

Bram is not surprised and comes with his love child

Finally. I couldn’t answer many questions about a particular first person shooter series. I gradually started scratching my forearm like a nervous junkie, but luckily I was able to inject another good dose of Halo today. Xbox’s showpiece and my all-time favorite series. However, this is not to say that I think all of the franchise’s games are good. In fact, the last game (Halo 5: Guardians) should be buried and forgotten. However, there is one game that came out on the Xbox One that I had so much fun with. Or well, one game? There are actually six of them. All Halo games from Combat Evolved through particle four were featured on the Master Chief Collection. Relive your childhood memories in 4K and 60 FPS, with the bonus of the amazing remake of Halo 2. I put another five hundred hours into this series and believe me, I am far from finished. Soon I will be able to get started with all my PC friends via crossplay! So should Halo Infinite really fail, I can always turn to Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

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Huub is in love with Ori and the Will of the Whisps

My choice very quickly fell on a game that I recently fell in love with. I’m talking about Ori and the Will of the Whisps. I’m not a gamer playing 2D platformers as they don’t really get me. Ori has managed to do this, however. It is not just any 2D platformer, but an entire experience. The combination of beautiful music, a beautiful art style and super smooth gameplay makes this “indie title” an absolute masterpiece. I’m glad my girlfriend got me to pick up this game. I don’t often cry at games, movies or series, but Ori has let me shed a tear several times.

Ori and the Will of Whisps

Delano chooses Forza Motorsport 6

My favorite Xbox One game was one of the games that changed the appearance and behavior of the Xbox One. A cool engine sound when starting the console and a blue appearance. I am of course talking about the Xbox One Forza 6 edition and let that immediately be my favorite game of the past generation. It is good to know that I am actually not necessarily a racing fan. Never mind that I could enjoy a racing game for days on end. But Forza 6 nevertheless brought something magical to the table and that could be just because it was my first encounter with the device. I remember very well that, with a friend, I was waiting for hours for the “installation complete” message. I had carried the blue device in the box to his house and installed it on his television. Well, there we were, waiting with excitement and enthusiasm for hours, with the well-known Xbox One interface in the background. The internet in his house was not very stable that day, so the installation process took much longer than it should be. When the game was playable, we immediately dived into the screen, the racing campaign. I still remember the magisterial graphics performance of that time; it was 2015 boys and girls. With sweaty hands we played the game well into the night. There was a lot of laughter that summer evening and the next day my good friend bought an Xbox One Forza 6 edition himself. Forza 6 has not become my favorite game because the gameplay is so unique. It has become my favorite game because I have great memories from it. And that’s worth something too, right?

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Patrick chooses Sunset Overdrive

I would have liked to go for Fable 4 now, but yes it did not appear. So we’ll never know if it would actually have been the best Xbox One game. Unfortunately, not many good exclusive titles have been released for the Xbox One. Add to that the fact that there are also a few that I have not played or not played enough to be my favorite. That does ensure that my choice is fairly authentic, I think. Especially because there are very few people I know who I hear about this game. I enjoyed myself enormously with the colorful Sunset Overdrive from Insomniac Games. Because the game was once free to pick up with the Xbox Games With Gold games, I even had a ‘free ride’ for it. It is not a title that you often hear, but if you like action and you have not played this game yet, I can certainly recommend that you do so.

Sunset Overdrive4

What is your favorite Xbox One game that will keep you entertained during the long wait for the new generation? Let us know and share it in the comments.

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