The antivirus will turn into a course work in October at the latest, Havlíček said


According to Havlíček, the Antivirus program was the right program to prevent mass redundancies, but now it should naturally switch to kurzarbeit. According to him, there is definitely a need to motivate employees who go to work more. According to him, the topic for discussion will be whether the support will be for one or two days a week. “It will be extremely sensitive to estimate this,” he said.

According to Havlíček, the legal change to introduce a kurarbeit cannot be achieved before September, and even so the process will have to be very fast. He indicated that the Chamber of Deputies could decide on it in a state of legislative emergency. The program should work until the end of August before the new legislation is approved, because according to Havlíček, it is not possible to turn off the program completely. However, the current Antivirus settings could be changed to give more support to people who work.

Havlíček also said that it is necessary to maintain the type A contribution in case of local outbreaks of coronavirus infection, where the operation would have to be interrupted. With the type A contribution, the state equals 80 percent of the paid compensation of wages in quarantine and earnings in closed operations up to 39 thousand crowns of super-gross wages.

The chairman of the Czech-Moravian Confederation of Trade Unions, Josef Středula, said that the Antivirus program should be extended until the end of the year. According to him, the legislative change is realistic on 1 January next year. “There must be no bad law,” he said.

Also, an independent initiative of KoroNERV-20 experts proposes to end the state program to support employment Antivirus by 31 December at the latest. According to experts, it should not be disproportionately extended, they said in a press release on Friday. According to them, the assistance could be terminated gradually after individual types of contributions. At the same time as ending the program, the initiative should also change the support to a model similar to the German exchange rate, in which the wages of people who do not work are not compensated and are matched by employees who have lost their jobs due to lower demand.

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Support from the Antivirus program is valid for the period from the declaration of a state of emergency on March 12. It is divided into several contributions. In addition to type A, Antivirus B works, which covers 60 percent of wages with a reduction in production and services due to a shortage of raw materials, workers or demand, up to 29 thousand crowns of super-gross wages. Contribution C represents the waiver of social security contributions for three months under certain conditions for companies with up to 50 employees.

According to data from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, a total of 56,765 companies have already received wage contributions from 12 March to 1 July. The state thus provided money for the earnings of 711,023 workers. Approximately 14 billion crowns were paid out. Of the available supports, Antivirus is one of the most widely used companies. According to a survey by the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic, for example, 90 percent of hotels and restaurants draw help from it.

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