The Anonymous published 35,000 secret files of the Russian central bank

Representatives of the organization “Anonymous” Frame: youtube

The hacker group “Anonymous” published 35,000 secret files of the Central Bank of Russia, thus confirming the information from Thursday that the financial department was subjected to a cyber attack, BNT reports.

Although the Russian bank has denied hacking attacks, a post appeared on Twitter’s Anonymous account with links to a cloud storage and file hosting service.

The information, which is calculated at 28 gigabytes, is divided into two folders. The texts are in Cyrillic. After reviewing a small part of them, it becomes clear that these are invoices, bank statements, names of shareholders of various banks, bank licenses, names and addresses of high-ranking customers.

On February 25, a day after the Kremlin’s decision to launch a special military operation in Ukraine, Anonymous declared war on the Russian government.

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