The “Angers, adopt your market gardener! »Wins a prize

The city of Angers received on Friday 23 October, in Paris a Territoria d’or for its initiative in favor of Angevin traders entitled “Angers, adopt your market gardener! “.

Angers, adopt your market gardener

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Stéphanie, Jules and Paul from Jardins de l’Anjou. Photo: Valérie Lebourgeois.

Gathered under the chairmanship of Jacqueline Gourault, Minister of Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Territorial Communities, the jury for the Territoria 2020 prize distinguished the city of Angers by awarding it a Territoria d’or in the category “Covid territorial response “.

« This reward belongs to all traders in Angers. It testifies to the mutual assistance necessary in such circumstances. It is also the demonstration that when we advance together, we go further », Declares Stéphane Pabritz, deputy mayor in charge of trade.

Launched in March 2020, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis and during confinement, the “Angers, adopt your market gardener! »Quickly met with great success with traders as well as Angevins.

To compensate for the temporary closure of the 15 open-air markets in the city of Angers, “Angers, adopt your market gardener! ”Made it possible to put non-sedentary food traders, usually present in the Angers markets, in touch with sedentary traders from Anjou wishing to make their establishments available free of charge for a few hours each week.

The “Angers, adopt your market gardener! »Represents more than 600 operations across the 10 districts of the city of Angers. Nearly 150 volunteer traders and more than 100 producers took part in the operation.

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