the Anfield private Reds for the end of the season?

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We will not lie: it could be the worst epilogue of this Premier League 2020-2021. According to our colleagues in the Daily Mail, this Sunday, the scenes of jubilation following the coronation of Liverpool in the Premier League would have greatly displeased the authorities, from the club to the town hall.

And the latter would be ready to go further if the celebrations did not stop: depriving the Anfield Reds for the last three home games of Jürgen Klopp players in the Premier League.

The Sun adds that the security certificate for the legendary Liverpool stadium could be withdrawn for the end of the Premier League. There are currently three games scheduled within the club grounds against Aston Villa, Burnley and Chelsea.


Scenes of “inadmissible” jubilation

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The streets of Liverpool after the coronationCredit Photo – Icon Sport

The behavior of the supporters, while the city remains in the grip of the danger of the Covid-19, had already pushed the club to write a press release to condemn the scenes of “unacceptable” hysteria of the red army descending, at the time of the title , the Pier Head, for a wild night.

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