The analyze reveals that the megalodon was capable to swallow an 8-meter whale complete

KOMPA.comHistoric shark Megalodon He not only has a gigantic create, but he also has a big hunger.

In a very first 3D reconstruction of the predator, the researchers revealed that the sharks are even capable of swallowing foundation 8 meters long in one bite.

Quoted by PhysThursday (8/18/2022) megalodon (Otodus megalodon) is 16 meters lengthy and weighs around 61 tons.

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This shark is approximated to be capable to swim at a speed of about 1.4 meters per 2nd.

Megalodon also requires a lot more than 98,000 kilo energy for every day and has a quantity of nearly 10,000 liters.

Based on this, the researchers say megalodon can travel prolonged distances and is capable of consuming whole prey up to 8 meters extended.

This dimension is equal to the dimension of the fashionable killer whale, sea ​​predator up now.

The capability to eat even significant apex predators of equivalent sizing millions of years ago positioned megalodons at a higher trophic stage than present day apex predators.

Backbone-based mostly reconstruction

This summary can be drawn by researchers on the foundation of 3D modeling of just one of the megalodons uncovered in the 1860s.

Even so, most of the vertebrae (spinal column) are still preserved and remaining behind following the creature died in the Belgian Miocene ocean at the age of 46 about 18 million years ago.

“Shark teeth are typical fossils, simply because their composition is rough and will allow them to continue being perfectly preserved. In the meantime, the shark’s skeleton is manufactured of cartilage, so it is really seldom fossilized,” explained Jack Cooper, to start with author of the analyze. .

In this examine, an worldwide staff of researchers utilized 3D modeling. To produce them, they initially measured and scanned each individual vertebrate, right before rebuilding the backbone.

Upcoming, the team linked the column to a 3D scan of the megalodon’s tooth and completed the modeling by introducing ‘flesh’ about the skeleton, applying 3D scans of the overall body of a South African excellent white shark.

“Pounds is a single of the most vital features of any animal. For extinct animals, we can estimate overall body mass with contemporary 3D digital modeling methods and then build associations amongst mass and other biological houses this kind of as pace and the use of energy, “said John Hutchinson, other authors in this analyze.

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