The analysis showed the terrifying power of the Dutch. The squint still roars: We can make them angry

According to coach Jaroslav Šilhavý, Czech footballers have a chance in Sunday’s eighth finals of the European Championship against the favored Netherlands only if each of the players manages the match above standard.

He believes that if the team is at least close to performing in a March 1: 1 draw with Belgium, they can advance. Regardless of the upcoming duel, he often recalls the match from the Euro in 2004, when he was against the Dutch as an assistant in the turn from 0: 2 to 3: 2.

“Holland is an extremely difficult opponent. It’s the round of 16, Holland is the favorite, but anything can happen in that one match. I believe that our team performance is able to upset this favorite and we should surprise him,” said Šilhavý at an online press conference. at the venue of the Budapest match.

“Holland has a huge strength ahead, we have to play as one team. We also have to go forward, be dangerous. Without everyone giving an above-standard performance, we would not succeed with this opponent,” added Šilhavý.

According to him, the representatives can look for a recipe in the March match of the world qualification, in which they bothered the Belgians at home. The leaderboard of the FIFA national team in Eden lost and in the end he was happy for the draw.

“We remember the match very well, he was very successful on our part. If we approached it at least, I believe we could be successful,” said Šilhavý.

17 years ago, he was in the role of Karel Brückner’s assistant, when the Czech team defeated the Netherlands 3: 2 in a fascinating match after a turn of 0: 2.

“The match from Portugal in 2004 cannot be deleted, it was amazing. Despite the fact that we have Holland again tomorrow, I often remember that. I did not talk to Mr Brückner now during the tournament. The difference may be that in We went to the tournament as mild favorites in 2004. Now the opposite is true. We would like to surprise the favorite, “Šilhavý compared.

The coach invents variants without Darida

The Dutch won all three matches in the group at the ongoing Euro and scored eight goals.

“The Dutch have a great team. At the front, whether Depay, De Jong, from Dumfries, in the middle of Wijnaldum, backed by Blind’s millimeter passes. When we analyzed their game, they had over 30 chances in those three matches. We have to defend as one team, play effectively “With maximum commitment. Otherwise we have no chance to succeed,” said Šilhavý.

Due to a penalty for two yellow cards, he will have to replace Jan Bořil in defense. The start of Captain Vladimír Darida, who has an unspecified injury, is also threatened.

“The loss of the captain is always painful, but we will and must respect Vlad’s injury. Even if it is decided tomorrow, we will already invent possible options,” said Šilhavý.

“We will definitely miss Honza Bořil. We are offered several options to replace him. We are still thinking about which variant we will choose. I believe that all the players who are here are hungry to enter and perform in that match.” added the 59-year-old coach.

He is looking forward to the team playing in front of a full stadium in Budapest after months of coronavirus restrictions.

Football is played for people. After a long time, it will be a big match, big football, the eighth finals of the European Championship with the Netherlands. I believe that it will affect us positively,” added the coach, who won the league title with Liberec and Prague’s Slavia.

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