the Ampere GPU will be a real monster!

RTX 3x graphics cards will be formalized on September 1, but images and renderings are already circulating, showing the different members of the future GPU family Ampere intended for gaming.

If we could have seen the RTX 3080 in pictures a few months ago, it was the turn of the high-end model RTX 3090 to show off and the least we can say is that we will be dealing with a hell of a beast.

The leaked images indeed show it compared to an RTX 2080 and it turns out to be much larger than the latter.

Taller, wider and arguably much heavier than the flagship of the RTX 20 series, it also has trois slots I / O whereas the RTX 3080 shows only two on the previous pictures.

RTX 3090 dos

The graphics card confirms the configuration with a fan on each side and we can see the RTX 3090 mention on the back. It is supposed to embed an Ampere GPU GA-102 with at least 5248 CUDA cores and could have up to 24GB of new memory GDDR6X.

Videocardz indicates that this is a model Founders Edition and its price could turn around 1400 dollars (around 1200 €).

And for those who are looking for promotions, note the GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER at a reduced price on two different models (Gigabyte and PNY) at Cdiscount at 832 € here and was.


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