The American University in the Emirates generates “Que linda en AUE”

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Elaf: American University in the Emirates (AUE) produced a youth music for its learners to be the first in Dubai to do this work with the concept of ​​the university’s youthful adult men and girls. Video clip “Que linda en AUE” documented the students’ life on campus, exactly where they sit and meet up with, and how they research and practice their leisure, educational and sporting hobbies. The scenes of the track were being shot within the university library and in different destinations on the college campus, to sort in its entirety reside scenes that touch the truth of the condition of the learners.
The clip was sung by Emirati rapper “Saud Ji” and singer Nour Arksousi in Arabic and English, and by singer Labilardo Delmar in Spanish, wherever the text ended up in the a few languages, Arabic, English and Spanish, as their singing shaped a wonderful scenario of unique musical colours, as they expressed their admiration for the operate, mainly because it is youthful and talks about an additional humorous part of the existence of youthful people throughout their research and how they documented people superior reminiscences in a track that evokes the times lived at university, in an unconventional way.
Hassan Kashmoula, head of the media and communications division of the American University in the Emirates (AUE), explained that what gave the tune a specific and exciting character was the fact that its scenes have been shot in the atmosphere of the college. , in phrases of classes, training places and lots of factors the clip confirmed about the other everyday living of the learners and on a facet other than instruction, none of the situations on campus.
He included that the college is constantly intrigued in the views and ideas of learners, and there is an ongoing bond of interaction amongst the two sides, noting that the movie is in move with the period in which the media in common are living. with the development of strategies, visions and expertise and constantly doing work to facial area the potential and its demands, not balance in a single location, which is what distinguishes the University’s Division of Media and Communication.
In the clip, the hottest modern day technologies have been applied in phrases of images, suspense, excitement and aspects of attraction, so that his terms mirrored the fact of fact skilled by pupils within just the college in individual, and Dubai in standard, soon after the song was presented in 3 languages, to clearly show the variety, change and cohesion of the cultures in which the UAE reside and are unique in the relaxation of the entire world.
The head of the Media and Interaction Division pressured that the choice of a few distinctive singers and languages ​​in the music is a information from the college that everybody lives in the UAE as a collective device, no make any difference how distinct nationalities, cultures and languages ​​are they are just about every other.
The scenes of the taking pictures of the music confirmed the happiness the college students felt in utilizing the strategy, so that the footage was nearer to a memory documented by seems and visuals in a exciting lyrical way, to immortalize it in particular person on that. exciting college stage in which they accompanied mates and how their life with each other were spontaneous and entertaining.

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