The American Supreme Court is more than ever at the orders of the Republicans

With just eight days of the presidential election, the confirmation of the very conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett comes to consolidate the stranglehold of the Republicans on the highest court of the country for decades, recalls the editorial of the New York Times.

The vote that was held in the Washington Senate on Monday, October 26 was, a priori, a regular and secular process participating in the constitutional order of the United States: the confirmation to the Supreme Court of a candidate appointed by the president .

But Republican senators, who represent a minority of the American population, have undermined the legitimacy of the Supreme Court by installing ultra-conservative judge Amy Coney Barrett. She was indeed appointed for life, a few days before the presidential election on November 3 which, according to polls, could end in a large defeat for the Republicans.

Like the two other judges appointed by Trump to sit on the Supreme Court – Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – the detail of Amy Coney Barrett’s case law was less important than the support she received from Federalist activists. Society [principale organisation de juristes conservateurs du pays].

These three Supreme Court appointments are part of the plan to transform the courts of the United States from no longer a counter-majority shield intended to protect the rights of minorities, but an anti-democratic sword to be wielded against progressive laws. and popular such as Obamacare, Obama’s healthcare reform.


The appointment of Amy Coney Barrett was also



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