the American plant in Maryland has regained 50% of its capacity

published on 09/16/2020 at 6:27 p.m.

Photo credit © Société Egide

( — Egide announced that its US plant in Cambridge, Maryland, is currently operating at 50% capacity, due to logistical constraints associated with off-site surface treatment operations. All this just two months after the fire on July 3, 2020, which mainly affected the surface treatment area.

The reconstruction of the parts damaged by the fire, in particular the roof and the surface treatment workshop) is currently underway. All of this work will also contribute to the modernization of the industrial facilities at the Cambridge plant, a guarantee of improvement in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency.

In this context, Egide USA has concentrated all its efforts on the continuity of supply to the market of its specialty products, some of which are identified as strategic, while preserving, as a priority, the safety of its employees.

Thus, since mid-July, a set of mitigation measures have been implemented to ensure service continuity for the greatest possible number of customers: the vast majority of operations related to surface treatment have been transferred at the Santier, Inc. plant in San Diego and a small part at the Bollène plant in France.

Egide USA was thus able to limit the impact of this incident on current customer orders and on its overall activity. To date, Egide USA continues to ship orders to all its customers wherever they are.


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