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The amazing function of Google Maps to know the weather and air quality of a place, this is how it is activated – Teach me about Science

GPS navigation applications are becoming more and more advanced, since previously they only allowed you to know a route to reach a destination and did not provide you with alternative routes or information about tolls, but thanks to technological progress and the advancement in the development of applications today We can enjoy various comforts that these programs provide us.

When we leave for a destination we need to know the time it will take us to travel the route, if there are other routes with better traffic flow, know the price of highways or federal highways that do not charge anything, as well as if there are any accident that could completely stop our trip, they can inform us about the police officers present on the road, the GPS radars and they have recently included the option of knowing the weather along with the air quality.

The advantage of most applications intended for this purpose is that they are free and can allow us to download maps of certain areas that are of interest to us so that we can navigate them without using our data or an internet connection in a forced manner.

Among the most popular applications that exist today are Waze, Google Maps, Apple maps, What3words, among others. Today we will teach you a very useful trick to know the temperature and weather in a place before you visit it, because this way you can go prepared and wear warm clothes in case it is cold in the destination or light clothes for the hot places.

Google Maps: Discover the weather and air quality anywhere

Google Maps goes beyond helping you find directions. Now, you can also know the temperature and air quality of any place in the world, so we ask you to pay attention to activate this useful function.

Google Maps in Play store, image credits to Google

How does it work? To activate it, just follow these simple steps:

First: Update the Google Maps application on your device, then Search for the place you are interested in.

Second: In the upper left corner, notice a small square with the current temperature and a weather icon.

Third: Tap the square to access…

-Detailed weather forecast.

-Information on air quality.

What is it for?

Plan trips or outdoor activities with accurate weather information. Compare the weather conditions of different places before making a decision, stay aware of the air quality in your area or anywhere in the world.

As you can see, the application of Google Maps a more complete and personalized experience. Information about weather and air quality is a useful tool for making informed decisions about your travels and outdoor activities. Enjoy Google Maps and discover the world around you in a smarter way.

There are many applications that we use in our daily lives for different purposes, generally these stand out for their ability to correct their errors, add new functions and launch new updates that are useful, without a doubt a very clear example is Google Maps. We hope that this trick is very useful to you and allows you to navigate safely and prepared so that you arrive safely at your destination.

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