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The Almighty 2022|ERROR Returns Empty Handed No Prizes Fat Guy Asks Jiang Tao to Accept Skin (16:54) – 20230102 – SHOWBIZ

The ERROR Group came back empty handed from last night’s (1st) awards ceremony. Fat Boy (Liang Ye) joked in the interview: “Guys, you are really kind to us. Is there any singer like us? If there is no prize, I will give it to everyone. “Whip the corpse.””

Ah Dee (He Qihua) thinks that’s a good thing. 193, which he said previously won the group prize, will not have to run naked; Wu Baoqi thinks the result of the competition is normal, because they only released one song this year. If there is a premium, it will be unreasonable. . However, Bao Qi released a single last year, but in the end he failed to win the individual award? Bao Kai said he would work harder; 193 (Guo Jiajun) expressed his calmness about the award.

Fat Boy said they always say they’ll work harder next year, but every year they’ll get an orange after working hard. Baoqi believes that the most important thing is to have fun while playing music, and it doesn’t matter if you take oranges or oranges. Ah Dee was more optimistic, saying with a smile that the Lunar New Year is coming, orange represents good luck. 193 said with a smile: “Actually, when he announced the combination, the presenter said that it was very popular with advertisers. Sometimes there were 3 people. I thought he was talking about us, but when it was 8 people , I didn’t know it was about us.”

Speaking of MIRROR’s tough journey last year, are you happy to see the brothers win the award? Fat Boy said with a smile: “I yelled at Jiang Tao to take him away.” Ah Dee laughed and said he was still thinking about when MIRROR would announce that they won’t win the award, then ERROR would have a chance to win the award, or separate the group award from the band award, maybe they can win the award “on the side of the car”. The 4 children also joked that they could win the prize for my favorite animal, laughing at themselves like penguins sitting in a row in the audience, or they could be the 4 big Buddhas or the 4 big Guanyins in the music world, because they all sit for a long time, which is a lot of fun.

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