the alleged shooter has been remanded in custody

Frank James is suspected of shooting on Tuesday in the New York subwayleaving 23 injured, 10 of whom were shot.

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Posted on 14/04/2022 21:14

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Frank James is suspected of having fired on Tuesday April 12 in the New York subway at rush hour, injuring 23, including 10 by bullet. This 62-year-old African-American was remanded in custody on Thursday. Arrested on Wednesday in the Manhattan district of New York, he appeared for the first time in federal court in Brooklyn and heard the charges against him. Including that of “terrorist attack” which now makes him risk life in prison.

> > What we know about the attack on the New York subway which injured 23 people

Il “opened fire on passengers on a crowded subway train, disrupting their morning commute in a way this city has not seen in over 20 years”prosecutor Sara Winik told the court. “His attack was premeditated, it was carefully planned and it struck terror among the victims and throughout the city”she added.

Remained silent during this brief hearing, Frank James several times took notes that he passed to his two lawyers. In a statement to the press in federal court, one of them, Mia Eisner-Grynberg, warned against any “hasty judgment” of his client, without clearly saying whether he denied being the shooter.

“Often, the first information from the press and the police in these kinds of cases is inaccurate”she added, recalling that her client was entitled to a “fair trial”.

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