The alleged organizer of the murder of the former police officer also surrendered

Lyubomir Ivanov PHOTO: Archive

The wanted man also surrendered the murder of former police officer Lyubomir Ivanov man. Last night at about 10.30 pm Boyan Tabakov went to the SDVR with a lawyer. He was detained for 24 hours.

He is said to be the mastermind of the March 25 assassination. Then Ivanov was shot in front of his house. Kristian Iliev, who was detained a few days ago, is said to be the physical killer. Today, the prosecutor’s office will ask for his permanent arrest. Borislav Grozev was detained along with him, but he was released.

The murdered Ivanov was a police officer until 2014. In 2018, he was wanted by Interpol for his involvement in a gang that managed factories for illegal cigarettes.

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