The alleged CDPR employee informs about the backstage of Cyberpunk 2077

We have already informed you many times about the unfortunate state of Cyberpunk 2077 during its release. The comments of the alleged employee of the CD RED Project are now circulating on Reddit, who extensively described the development of events “behind the curtain” and we learn a lot of interesting information, from cut-out content to morale in the studio or approximate date The news seems to be two weeks old and comes from another internet forum, but they started circulating on Reddit a few hours ago. Of course, there is a chance that it is a hoax of a fan, but judge for yourself how authentic it is and makes sense.

The text has been modified to remove vulgarities.

From the comments of the alleged developer:

CDPR harmed itself just to keep its investors calm. Developers are now discussing “No Man’s Sky” return plans by the end of June. The first two patches should be released in mid-March, despite what the company’s officials say. Long-term dismissals are expected in the coming months. The morale of the developers is the lowest ever and Sony is grilling us due to the gigantic volume of refund requests. Today, there will be a meeting with Sony executives to find a way to compensate gambling-threatening players. Sony Japan is particularly outraged.

Plans to return in the style of “No Man’s Sky” by the end of June.

We will learn more in the coming weeks. It’s a terrible feeling. At the moment, however, there is no finger pointing. Directors and lead developers stood up for what the team would call an “honest move.” Just so you know, we’re still joking about a task that was rewritten more than a dozen times because it didn’t “seem” to one of the leaders. In the end, he was completely cut out of the final game and should come in the form of DLC. There are people who have been accepted for some reason and remain in society because key leaders trust them. Much of the code has been completely discarded and rewritten from scratch. The intended game can be completed by June this year. The code is ready and ready from February. It just was not implemented due to a large user interface bug that is still present in retail copies. If you open .dat files, you will still find a lot of unused content there.

If you open .dat files, you will still find a lot of unused content there.

If you want a refund, ask for it. It has a positive effect on us as developers, because we have warned leaders of this countless times. Most cosmetic repairs should perhaps be completed by the 2nd major update. The update, due out in June, will fix all the bugs. The code for PS4 / Xbox One is completely discarded, it is created from the ground up. The PS5 code is improved over the PC thanks to the amazing development kit that Sony has provided for this console.

The code for PS4 / Xbox One is completely discarded, it is created from the ground up.

You would be amazed at how much has already been created. That statement about shortening the main storyline to allow for a multiplayer ending was utter nonsense. Most of the flats marked “closed / locked” used to be lootable, we removed over 50,000 lines of dialogue and I believe that the June update will bring a lot of cut content to the game. Be heard and request the delivery of cut content. If they see that you’re asking it to come back into play, we could actually create the game we intended in 2018. There used to be a huge underground part of town that the public had never seen because it “looked ugly” according to the CEO. It was amazing and it felt like playing malkavians / nosferats in Vampire the Masquerade.

Be heard and request the delivery of cut content.

I don’t want to swear at Keana here, but hell, our original Johnny was a lot more cool and sounded like the right maniac. I also don’t really appreciate his acting skills, but he is a very nice person. He came to us in person to greet us on the first day and took the time to personally thank us all when he finished recording. He was reportedly his fee is bearable and the need for an actor came from outside the CDPR. The management agreed, we do not know why. It’s for nothing. Our original Johnny was heavily inspired by Solid Snake from the first MGS and believe it or not, Cillian Murphy.

The original Johnny was much more cool and sounded like the right maniac.

In the game areas, the whole AI routine worked with little gang violence. Things you could sit and watch as they evolve or interfere with them. Many children also used drugs, which was eventually removed due to internal censorship. There were priests and Hare Krishna, who also succumbed to censorship. Miles wrote a side assignment where you could take the place of Officer Max Tacu, who committed suicide, but it was such a complex departure from the tone of everything else that it also ended up cut out. I hope it comes back because it was amazing to get to their headquarters and hack everything. You would see the police trying to operate and break down in the middle of an arrest due to your sabotage.

A side task where you could take the place of Officer Max Tacu.

It may sound strange, but the disastrous release was actually partially beneficial from our point of view. The cold shower has aligned society’s priorities so we can continue to work on what was originally intended without the management continuing to breathe on our necks, whether we spend it. I believe that everything happened due to poor communication and incorrect goal setting by the leaders. The game was blinded together for E3 in 2019. The last developer version of the game before removing the content was 160 GB. I believe there will be some leaks in the coming weeks.

The cold shower leveled the company’s priorities.

The Series X version was just rewriting the code and loading the requests. The new generation architecture is actually very good for ports. It’s the company’s policy to release the game only when it’s running smoothly, and the fact that it didn’t happen amazes me, that’s why I launched this thread. It is a mixture of conceit and deep incompetence of some leaders. I go home for the holidays and think of my friends who will be in the office for the next few months to redo the scrapped work without being able to say, “I told you! It’s your fault, Boss. ”I bet the next E3 will be very bizarre for CDPR.

A mixture of conceit and deep incompetence of some leaders.

We removed two entire acts of the game because the mission deleted the saved position due to incorrect placement of characters. We also discarded much of the underground and sewer due to bugs. In addition to Villefort, Night City had three different types of taxis, and drivers conducted entire conversations and gave assignments. It also had to be discarded. Police AI for finding routes worked wonderfully until someone messed up. All I know is that it’s already being fixed. Of course, it was a major overlook. The story of Morgan Blackhand and the corporate war. DLC will add a lot of crazy and great ideas that Mike gave us when we started preparing the project. You should have a complete game by the end of the year if all goes well. I really have to go now. Take care.

You should have a complete game by the end of the year.

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