The Al-Jadeed channel explains what happened with a guest who got sick and died … these details

Today, Saturday, the management of the Al-Jadeed channel released a statement explaining the details of what happened in the latest episode of the program “The Ruling of the Corrupt”, which saw live one of the guests fall ill before his death. .

And the channel’s statement stated: “During the presentation of an episode of the program Down with the sentence of the corrupt on Friday, October 28, 2022, and during a speech by the cattle trader Shukrallah Al-Maalouf, the host, who was leaving out the Zoom application. from outside Lebanon, he was exposed to a sudden health problem, after which he was transferred to hospital. But he died at dawn. “

He added: “The Al-Jadeed channel and the program team deeply regret the sad incident that afflicted Shukrallah Al-Maalouf’s family and express their deepest condolences to the family and viewers, pointing out that this incident has left with great amazement and sadness, and the show team was surprised by what happened on the air as the host presented his defense of his craft and expressed his views at his personal request via direct appearance. “

He continued: “The administration of Al-Jadeed and the program team are constantly eager to give the right of reply to all those whose name is mentioned in the context of the investigative investigation and, in accordance with this path followed, to Mr. Al -Maalouf was granted the right to reply in previous installments, and this was done through recorded communications. However, the host, Mr. Maalouf, asked in the last installment for a direct view to clarify his position more clearly, as he had what he wanted.

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He concluded: “The management of Al-Jadeed and colleagues Riad Kobeisi and Hadi Al-Amin, after being informed of the tragic news of the death, wanted to remove the press material from all the websites of the channel, out of respect for the family and the ethical professionalism. In conclusion, we reiterate our condolences and ask God for mercy for the dead and patience and comfort for the family “.

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