The air conditioner is cold The Senegal coach could miss the round of 16 of the English World Cup due to illness.

December 4, 2022 can be said to be very exciting. After the news that Aliyu Cisse, the coach of the Senegalese national team of the “Lions of Terenga”. could miss the team on the sideline which will end up with the “Roaring Lion”, the England international with Gareth Southgate at the reins of the battleWorld Cup 2022 Round of 16 final teams tonight at 2:00 Thailand time Because there is a disease

It is understood that Aliou Cisse has been ill for about two days. And at the press conference before this match that he will duel with the “Roaring Lion” of the England national team who was not yet ready As a result, he could not attend the press conference, with his assistant, Regis Bogert, who instead gave an interview to the media.

Regis Bogert said Aliou Cisse was ill: “He (Aliou Cisse) has been ill for two days. He had a pretty high fever. Yesterday he made us practice by ourselves. Of course we also recommend a few. I hope that in tonight’s match you will be back on the sidelines to manage the team”.

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