The aim is to increase children’s educational opportunities

The community of Unterentfelden is planning to expand the offers for small children and their parents / caregivers. She would therefore like to launch the pilot project “Early Funding and Integration Unterentfelden 2021-2023”. The municipal council applies for a loan of 300,000 francs from those entitled to vote.

“Investing in early funding is paying off,” says Eveline Villiger, project manager for early funding and integration in the Unterentfelden community. “Early intervention is efficient and also significantly more cost-effective than later spending on social, health and education.” The council is of the same opinion. He is convinced that the measures developed will improve the educational opportunities for children in Unterentfelden and that the investment will be worthwhile.

But why do we need measures before kindergarten? “The Entfelden school finds that the developmental differences of the children increase when they enter kindergarten and have already reached a challenging level,” says project manager Eveline Villiger. The deficits in attention, in learning behavior and in social behavior, but also a lack of independence and / or inadequate language skills would in some cases make lessons considerably more difficult.

Development deficits weigh heavily
“The kindergarten teachers can hardly meet the different needs of children with regard to the preschool skills to be acquired,” says Villiger. The development deficits that show up when entering kindergarten can rarely be made up for in school. Time-consuming and costly support measures are necessary.

In 2019, the municipal council decided to launch the “Early Support and Integration” project based on this initial situation. He granted a loan of 50,000 francs for the implementation of the preliminary project in 2020. The aim of the preliminary project was to conceptualize and develop possible measures in the areas of early support and integration.

In addition to the existing offers in and around Unterentfelden, the three-year pilot project “Early Support and Integration Unterentfelden 2021-2023” provides for the implementation of a coordination office, an expansion of mother and father counseling, subsidized parents’ contributions for visits to playgroups and a parent-child meeting.

Cooperation with partners
In order to coordinate the existing offers for children and families, the municipality takes on a coordinating function. A coordination office is to be created for this, which will also be entrusted with project management. The community works with partner organizations such as B. the association “Mothers and Fathers Advice Region Aarau Plus” as well as with the canton. The measures cannot be implemented without a coordination office.

For the pilot project, the municipal council applies for a credit of up to 300,000 francs, spread over three years, from those entitled to vote. Funding for the parent-child meeting has already been applied for and approved from the Department of Economics and Home Affairs (DVI). By participating in the cantonal pilot project “German language promotion before kindergarten”, the costs for the subsidized parental contributions (playgroup) are reduced for the entire duration of the project. For example, thanks to the funding, the costs of the parent-child meeting are reduced by around CHF 21,000 for the pilot phase.

Project runs from February 2021 to December 2023
The pilot project “Early Funding and Integration Unterentfelden 2021-2023” provides that the measures will be set up and tested from February 2021 to December 2023, if the Unterentfeld authorities agree.

All information about the voting in Unterentfelden from April 1st at

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