The Aggressive Maneuvers of Bakrie Group Issuers, Who is the Most Attractive?, JAKARTA – Issuers affiliated with the Bakrie Group from various business wings have prepared a series of strategies to spur financial performance.

Oil and gas issuer PT Energi Mega Persada Tbk. (ENRG), for example, is ready to expand by acquiring new assets and discovering new oil and gas (oil and gas) reserves.

Energi Mega Persada President Director Syailendra Bakrie said that the company will continue to strive to develop the business both internally and through acquisitions of new assets.

Internally, the company will develop its business through existing development programs, discovery of new oil and gas reserves through exploration activities, and cost efficiency in all lines of the company’s organization.

“Then, the company will continue to monitor the opportunities that exist to acquire new assets that can add value to shareholders,” said Syailendra, Wednesday (7/4/2021).

The business plan is an effort to spur and maintain performance this year.


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